Tulsa Area Partners

Adult Protective Services - Provides vulnerable adults protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation and offers services. The services help with proper medical care, self-maintenance skills, personal hygiene, adequate food, shelter and protection.  http://www.okdhs.org/services/aps/Pages/default.aspx

Community Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Services (COPES) - Provides telephone and mobile crisis service that responds around the clock to children and adults experiencing a severe emotional or behavioral disturbance or psychiatric emergency. Contact: 918-744-4800  http://www.fcsok.org/services/mobile-crisis-copes/

Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) - Provides 24-hour emergency information and crisis line for domestic violence and sexual assault victims: 
Contact: 918.7HELP.ME (743-5763) http://dvis.org/do-you-need-help/

Life Senior Services - LIFE Senior Services specializes in home and community-based services that promote healthy aging and aging-in-place for seniors, as well as services and support for family caregivers who play a critical role in helping their loved ones continue living at home. From Senior Centers for active adults age 50 and older, to Care Management and Adult Day Health for older adults struggling to maintain their independence, LIFE is committed to helping seniors of all ages and circumstances. 
Contact:(918) 664-9000 http://www.lifeseniorservices.org/seniorline/About_Us.asp

Plumbline Ministries - Offers Christian Counseling free of charge [requires BC referral letter] and to establish a nation-wide teaching ministry promoting the principle that God delights in the struggling, striving, growing believer.  http://plumblineonline.com

The Demand Project - Directs their efforts, resources and energy toward the prevention of sexual exploitation, with an emphasis on the sexual exploitation of children, works with local authorities to support prosecution, participates in the rescue of victims, and provides  restoration resources. Whether they’re victims of trafficking, forced prostitution, online enticement or child pornography—their mission is to end all sex crimes by targeting the DEMAND side of sexual exploitation.  This ministry also highlighted some critical questions when engaging possible victims by asking the following questions that we want to share:
  • Are any of your basic needs withheld?
  • Have you been physically threatened?
  • Has a family member been threatened?
  • Who determines your daily / nightly schedule?
  • Is anyone withholding documents from you, e.g. passport, driver’s license, etc.?
  • Are you provided drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you had a forced abortion or abortions?
  • With whom do you live?
  • Are you in school?
  • From where does your money come? Do you have a bank account?

Contact: 918-346-2168    http://www.thedemandproject.org/WhatWeDo.aspx 

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