Tim’s Testimony


I remember the first time I met Tim. He was enjoying the pre-service meal and, with my plate in hand, I had a seat next to him. I listen to the conversation unfold between the patrons at the table that night and began to engage the topics of concern being shared by everyone at the table. I share the wisdom God had shown me through my times of struggle and noticed that Tim was hungry to learn more. Each time I came to the group, I found Tim to follow up on how he was getting along. He was growing and had plenty of reasons to praise God. I often encouraged him and was enriched to see how God was blessing him and answering his prayers.
When it came time for Tim to give his testimony, I knew this was a big step for him. Partly because it wasn’t easy to get in front of a crowd, and secondly because it meant being vulnerable in a room full of people. I am glad I not only got a chance to listen to Tim but also share his amazing story, at his request, with all of you.


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