Changing of the Guard


 I sat behind my computer, staring at the cursor blink for several minutes, hoping that the words would somehow land in my brain, extend themselves through my fingers. I hoped they would plaster themselves on the screen as I yield to what God wanted me to say as the new caretaker and editor of But, since you’re reading this now, we can safely assume that the words found their way out.  

Before we go any further, please allow me to introduce myself in true CR fashion. Hello, my name is Shane Tsosaikich. I celebrate recovery from:

  • Mild Cases of PTSD and Paranoia
  • Pornography dependency
  • Codependency 
  • Violent Rage
  • Haughty Criticism & Dismissiveness
  • Petty Passive-Aggressiveness
  • Manipulative Control Habits
  • Breaking Boundaries
  • The shame of Being Embarrassed

I am currently struggling with:

  • Deep Seeded Bitterness/ Resentment
  • Self Gratification
  • Stewarding Loneliness
  • Healing from Severe Hurts as a Child
  • Ruminating Thoughts Centered on Aggressive Self Protection and Punishing Perceived Offenders 
  • Aggressive overreaction to being accused

Thank you for letting me share.  At the time of this post, I have been in recovery for a little over eight years.  It did not always take the form of going to a Celebrate Recovery meeting.  In more recent years, I felt as though I was getting away from my recovery process.  I didn’t like that.  I gave Celebrate Recovery another go.  This time I decided to try CR at a new church the Lord had led me to some weeks before.  I am not one to change churches, but I knew it was time for a change.  It was time to grow and a large part of that was through volenteering.  I gave back to my CR group in the media department, and my recovery went to a whole new level.

A few months ago, I was approached by CR’s leader, Bryan Derricott, about stepping into the role of caretaker and editor for the Believer’s Church Celebrate Recovery Blog. I was shocked, but not because of the responsibility of taking over an essential tool in helping people find the recovery they need. No. I was shocked because I had recently discovered my calling in life as a writer and creative. As a result, I actively looked for opportunities to write and create. So when Bryan offered me the responsibility, I was humbled that God would choose me to be a part of a healthy and growing community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

As it always has been, the purpose of this blog is to create a resource of testimonies of how God is working in people’s lives. We strive to present practical lessons from various leaders in the body of Christ whose vision is to help aid in the recovery process. With that said, what follows are only a couple of testimony excerts from our community:

Kacey Cummins

Can’t nobody tell me God isn’t good! It’s only because of Him I have been out of prison for only five months. He has already blessed me. His blessings showered my life when I most definitely don’t deserve it, but His love for us is that strong! I have been clean for 16 months, have a good job, and my driver’s license back. I own a car, have an apartment, and good people around me that encourage me. I am strong, confident, and able. It’s only because of His grace and mercy. 

I’ve lost my children due to my selfish desires to chase drugs, and I just knew I was only on this earth to be an example to people of “what not to be.” But the Lord said something different. I am a child of God most high, fearfully and wonderfully and made. God has a plan and purpose for my life. And He has only just begun. I never thought I would see my children again. When that pain became so great, I realized what I had done and what I put my kids through. I was now at the point where I couldn’t do anything about it. I was stuck in an 8×10 cell alone, cold. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was so sick, and the only thing I could do was bow down and cry out to the Lord who saves, restores, and heals. Only He could heal me and the brokenness I had inside. 

He’s restoring it all. He’s done it for me, and He will do it for you. Do what you can in the natural, and He will do what only He can in the supernatural. Miracles are just where my God begins. He is for you, and He will never leave you. Just spend a little time with Him and watch what He does. Through the fellowship of CR and the support and healing that comes to us from Christ, nothing is impossible. Thank you, CR!

Jennifer Day

Before I came to Celebrate Recovery, I was in an awful place mentally, emotionally, and physically. I struggled every day to make it through the day, and many days, I just wanted to give up. I moved out here to this area in October of 2020 and began attending CR in February of 2021. I didn’t know what to expect when I came because I had never been to a CR meeting or knew someone that had been. But, it was on the weekly church announcements, and I thought it would be worth a shot to try it out. 

When I came in, everyone was so friendly and smiling, and it was genuine, not like other places you go where you can tell people are fake. Here at CR, the people are real; they genuinely care and support, are transparent in what they have gone through or what they are going through, and there is no judgment. As I continued attending CR, I began to address things that I have never been able to admit to other people, and honestly, something that I had not admitted to myself. When I came in, I was dealing with suicidal thoughts. I was cutting, depressed, fighting as hard as I could not drink, isolated myself. I stayed away from men and was fearful to even talk to any man, guarding myself out of fear. 

As the weeks went on, I began to be able to open up and share, releasing things that I had been holding on to for years, even decades. I began to develop healthy relationships and even began to have everyday conversations with anyone. And this process has helped me not drink, I have stopped cutting, the suicidal thoughts are gone, the depression still comes and goes, but now I have people to rely on. CR has had a significant impact on my life and, more importantly, helped me to be able to maintain this change. 

This is only the beginning. Even now, plans are in the works to make this website more equipped to help people find a CR group that works best for them in Tulsa and its surrounding areas. That is my priority. The blog isn’t going away. We are plan to bring back our catalog of previous posts, along with new content from a wide variety of experts and leaders, to help in our recovery. Thank you all for your support! We’ll see you soon, and is it Tuesday yet?


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