Don’t Be Afraid To Say No


Hi everyone, 

What happens when someone you love, someone you want to please or maybe even someone whose anger or frustration you fear, wants you to do something that you do not want to do? I do not mean the kind of need or desire that will call for sacrifice, effort or even discomfort from us, that we don’t “want to do,” but is something we still choose to do out of love, duty or the desire to help. That is life-giving and good. Great relationships, families, friendships and businesses are only built when people can get beyond their own self-centeredness and sacrifice for the greater good and others.

The situations I am talking about are the ones where you truly do not want to perform that particular gift of time or energy. It is not something you truly want to give. It is a request to which your real, heartfelt answer, is “no.” What happens inside? Where is the fear coming from, and why is it there? 

When we’re operating out of fear, it keeps our world small. We don’t feel free to experience life as we were created. At the same time, when we’re afraid to say no, and we open our world up to everyone, we allow less fruitful things to come on to our property and take over. 

Let’s talk more about that in my new conversation on addressing fear. 

Until next time … 





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