Saturday, August 8, 2020

This one word is all you have to say





It's a complete sentence. 

Do you ever feel as though your "no" requires an explanation? Have you ever had to justify why you're saying no?

How people in our lives respond to our no, our boundaries, tells us a lot about how safe the relationship is.

For instance, say your mother-in-law wants to invite you over for dinner, but you really don't feel like going. What's your response? 

A.) "No, thank you. We're going to stay in tonight."

B.) "No, thank you. We're going to stay in tonight because I have laundry to do, help the kids with homework, get them in the bath, take the dog for a walk and .... and ..." 

Which one is feels true to how you would like to respond in a similar situation? 

Let's continue this conversation here.

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