Daily Inventory


Have you ever kept a daily inventory before? I know for me it allows me to see progress and areas where I may be back sliding when I’m not directly noticing either way. Let me give an example. Say I kept working out in the garden day after day, from sun up to sun down. Now I’m a glasses wearer so working out in the yard gets my lenses pretty filthy. But I usually can’t tell til I stop and notice. But say I’m getting up the next day to go outside and I grab my glasses and throw them on. Now I don’t take them off til later in the evening after it’s dark and I’m tired so I’m already squinting and not noticing if they are dirty or not. But after several days without me noticing my lenses have gotten FILTHY. It isn’t until I stop mid day one day for lunch and notice my glasses need a cleaning, an adjustment…to help me see clearly now. That’s similar to why keeping a daily inventory can be so beneficial. Keeping track along the way helps us reflect throughout the week, then be able to look back and notice patterns and celebrate the victories and pray consistently over the areas we need to surrender. If you’ve never kept a daily inventory, might I suggest this little pocket sized journal. It’s a great start.

Daily Inventory Can Help Keep us on Track
This small, pocket-sized notebook was designed to make that process easier. Carry this notebook in your pocket, purse, backpack, or leave it on the nightstand. The goal is to carve out a few minutes every day to answer the seven key questions provided for you. By doing so, you will ensure that you stay aware of any patterns or issues that need attention. You will also be able to see how you are growing in recovery and what you should CELEBRATE!


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