Thursday, May 16, 2019

7 ways to get through a personal crisis

Dr. Henry Cloud
Hey, guys.

When you're in crisis, won’t be able to make the bad news in the big picture go away quickly, but you do have control over yourself, and you can focus on the vital things of life immediately. Let's take a look.

1. Connect sooner, and more, with those whom you are close to. The more connected you are to people who fill your heart, the less circumstances will affect you.

2. Get back in touch with the things that will outlast the crisis, like your faith, your values, the things you will still believe in no matter what happens.

3. Remember your real assets. They have not gone away. The results that you have achieved came from ingredients of your person that you still carry around with you.

4. Stop the end of the world thinking. Forget whether or not the glass is half full or half empty, even if it breaks, you can drink from a paper cup.

5. Use this time to regroup, redefine, and retool. Don’t go into the next season carrying forward the losses of the past. Write those “ways” off and start something new.

6. Engage in spiritual and physical activities, such as prayer, meditation, confession, and exercise. All of these and other such practices have been shown to relieve stress and build a sense of being grounded.

7. Get out of yourself and help someone else. There are strong emotional, psychological and even physiological benefits to giving of yourself to others.

The ones who are doing well have not lost it all, even in a crisis. They still have the things that matter to them: their key relationships, like family and vitally close friends. Their values, their hearts, minds and souls that travel with them are still full of the things that really bring life and hold loosely to the things that can’t.

Let's dive further and talk about how to get unstuck from unsafe patterns and get what we want from life.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019


Hey Partners and Friends,

The time has come.

My philosophy in work has been to do my very best to work myself out of a job. Pam and I have worked for 13 years in the ministry of Celebrate Recovery at Believers Church. Technically in this ministry it is impossible to run out of work. We live in a broken world and we certainly are not running out of broken people. So we have resorted to a more feasible plan. Pam and I have recognized for some time now that we are slowing down a bit. There are some, what I call, “age related realities” coming our way. If you don’t know what those are you can find some of them in the book of Ecclesiastes. Anyway, the point is this, CR is going as good if not better than ever, what a fantastic ministry we have been blessed to be a part of. How can we express the gratitude we feel for those of you who have hung with us for so many years, some of you have prayed and supported us from the very beginning. We launched Celebrate Recovery April 4th 2006. You have had a part in every person who has walked through our doors for the last 13 plus years! The freedom and hope, healing and restoration that has taken place in countless lives is immeasurable. You have sown into good ground and God has produced abundant fruit in His Kingdom. Thank you sounds insufficient, even trite, how can we convey the overwhelming gratitude for allowing us to partner with you to work in this incredible field.

There is really no way to do that except that God would somehow reveal to you the magnitude of what He has done in the lives of so many people and families.

The good news is this ministry is still going strong and will continue to advance God’s purposes, even though we will not be as active in it as we have been in the past. We are not quitting, we have simply handed the ministry leadership off to a wonderful couple who are beyond excited, and well able to take CR to the next level. They have experienced for themselves the transforming power of lives set free from deep hurts, unhealthy habits and hang ups by the power of Jesus Christ and want to share with all who will listen. So you see, your investment in us and CR will continue to produce hope, peace, freedom, healing and recovery in broken people. In fact I believe it will become even more effective.

I believe ministry hand-off is scriptural, Moses handed off to Joshua, Elijah handed off to Elisha, and the biggest hand off of all was when Jesus handed off the ministry to us, you and me, unbelievable but true!

In a similar manner Pam and I have passed Believers Church CR on to Bryan and Linda Derricott. About five years ago Bryan was walking down Memorial, homeless, addicted, and suicidal. He saw our sign and decided to come in. God has radically transformed his life and set him free from addiction and suicidal depression. His family is restored! Bryan and Linda are a product of the CR ministry, who better to carry it on. We pray a double portion of God’s anointing on them as they labor in this field so ready for harvest.

If you have wondered why you haven’t heard from us recently it’s because we have been busy working with Bryan and Linda and the church leadership to be sure this is the will of the Father, we believe it is. Thank you again for your steadfast faithfulness, prayer, gifts and love. It has been the richest experience and most rewarding of our lives, also the most fruitful. What a ride! We hope and pray you have enjoyed it with us and that the seeds you have planted will continue to bring forth a magnificent eternal harvest.

Eternally in your debt, love,

Jim & Pam