Saturday, April 27, 2019

mental health support through CR

Nate Stewart, Nat.Dir., Mental Health Initiative for CR 2016
“One in 4 people will experience some type of mental health issue this year, and over half of all people will personally go through some mental health issue in their lifetime.  When someone is in a mental health crisis the first place they go is not to their friends, family, or doctor; they go to the church. The Church needs to be prepared. Sometimes the organs in our bodies don’t work in the way they were designed, and the brain is an organ too. In the same way diabetes or cancer is talked about openly, mental health should be as well.”     

Come this Tuesday 4/30th and let's consider how we can support our brothers and sisters struggling with mental health issues...... Brother, Rob

Friday, April 19, 2019


from Dr. Henry Cloud, 4/19/2019
Hey, guys. 
It is wrong to say that we should just forget the past, for the simple reason that the past will one day be our entire life. Past, present, and future are aspects of our soul that need to be reconciled to God. 
We must take our living hurts from the past to those who can heal them. We can bring to light patterns we have learned from our parents and other adults, confess those destructive patterns, disagree with them, and repent from them. If we have wronged people, we must confess our sin, apologize to those we have hurt, and make amends.
Though none of these processes change the past, they can redeem the past. God is in the process of reconciling everything that has gone wrong, including our personal past. But in order for him to deal with our past, we need to bring all of our broken parts to him.
Bring your history to God, whether it happened two days or twenty years ago. Bring it to him and to his people, allow his light and grace to transform it, bring his truth to bear on it, and experience the reconciliation of your whole life.
Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Easter!
P.S. To learn about the myths of forgiveness, you can click the video above or watch my message here.