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Hey Partners and Friends,

WOW! CR Sunday year # 11 at Believers Church was outstanding! We are so blessed to have a church that has a heart for people who struggle, and is not ashamed of being associated with those who struggle to be free in Jesus. Believer’s Church champions us enough to give us the entire Sunday service once a year. I do not know of any other church that honors people in recovery to that extent. We are truly thankful for our church staff and the body of believers where we serve.

This year we had four wonderful testimonies; a husband who struggled with a porn addiction, suicidal depression, anger and is dealing with ptsd.

His wife overcoming the pain of betrayal, embarrassment, shame and the sense of not being good enough.

A young lady whose life was filled with depression, self-hate, regret, guilt and shame.

And a young man full of anger who saw himself and others of no value.

Each of these people have connected with Jesus through the CR process in a way that has brought about dramatic transformation in their lives. The husband has been set free and has facilitated a CR step study and sponsored others into full recovery. His wife has experienced freedom from her hurt, anger, shame and realizes she is good enough. Her testimony says Jesus saved her husband’s life and their marriage.

The young lady has exchanged depression for compassion finding life and value in Jesus Christ. And the young man has not only discovered a totally transformed life but has a new name as well. In his mid-twenties he has allowed his step father, who loved him unconditionally through all his years of rebellion, to adopt him, giving him both a new life and a new name.  

After the testimonies I shared a short message on the importance of what we allow our minds to think about. Right now I’m thinking about how thankful I am to be a part of such a life giving ministry. And my heart is filled with gratitude for you partnering with us through your prayers and support.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to the CR service yourself so you can hear these testimonies  first hand. To do so just go to our page, click Resources, click Sermon podcast, and click CR Sunday. Or click the link below 👇🏽

Click here to listen to CR Sunday #11

Celebrating Recovery, Thank You!

Jim & Pam


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