In the next few weeks, I teach on the Celebrate Recovery Lessons addressing creating a personal inventory of ones issues on Tuesday nights at Believers Church.  Asking my hearers to reflect, document and then make eventual amends with one-self, God and others is awkward.  We generally have spent a life time denying, rationalizing, blaming self-God-others, and searching for ways to anesthetize our shame, guilt and conscience.  So I approach these coming weeks with an awareness, I make people feel awkward.   

Yeah, I know that sounds negative but I have come to cherish the role.  I love to challenge the notion that we have to needlessly, endlessly hide from ourselves, God and others, living life in the shadows of who we really are.   Over the last 30 years in my Wednesday  morning Bible study, I can recall multiple times I have shared my inner struggles with my non-CR brothers, only to see them stuff another donut in their mouths so they wouldn’t  have to share.  Vulnerability for guys is generally seen as weakness, and we all know we cannot have any of that.  The problem for me is the Holy Spirit keeps egging me on….maybe it’s the Spiritual Gift of fortitude (courage), or maybe I am just simply obnoxious….  Some people are fools for Christ, some of us…. maybe we’re just obnoxious for Christ.

I encourage you to consider finding freedom in fully submitting to Jesus Christ for His redemption, and journey to growing into the real you.  I believe we are all broken and will not be healthy, whole & complete until we are with Christ, so this journey will last the rest of your life.  I believe with all my heart that it is worth the work.  Jesus is the key, and while this world offers many counterfeits, pursue your Creator.

Having struggled to reconcile my hurts and issues over a lifetime with dead family members has been, and is, daunting.  Not impossible, but very difficult.  That’s a key driver to me to always urge my hearers to address their issues (hurts, habits & addictions…mental health issues….et cetera) with the living.  I have observed healings, great senses of relief and releases of unbearable burdens when people forgive, make amends, and clarify longstanding misunderstandings.  You have to want it badly enough to submit to the pain of the process, but it is the true added value to a life well lived I want you all to experience.
If you ever….ever, have questions about the decision points, the journey, the cost, and the peace with God for which you search, contact me……..

Blessings, Brother Rob 


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