Celebrate Recovery @Believers Church, Sunday June 28, 2015

If you have ever wanted to learn more about Celebrate Recovery (CR) and what is true recovery, come to Believers Church, 4705 S. Memorial, Tulsa, this coming Sunday June 28th.   As my friends, I know many of you may think that CR is for those people who struggle with alcoholism, drugs, pornography and divorce.  You would be mistaken.  CR is a Christ-centered recovery program for broken people.  I believe we are all broken to some degree and struggle to pretend we are not.  I have struggled for 50 years with a deep sense of ‘shame’, and Jesus Christ through Celebrate Recovery (CR) has been instrumental in me realizing a freedom and healing I have never known.

I originally came to Jesus to be saved, to be recovered.  But once I passed through the initial experience, I mistakenly learned to cope with my many character defects and struggles like everyone else around me in the various churches where I attended.  I wanted a deeper healing that aligned with the Bible and know a greater emotional intimacy with God.  I have found that in Celebrate Recovery (CR)and I encourage you to learn more about the principles & steps that are straight out of God’s Holy Word.  

Please consider and have a blessed day!  Struggle well!
Brother Rob


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