Amazed. When was the last time you were truely amazed? I remember the first time that I experienced amazement. The kind that causes your stomach to do flip-flops, it makes you gasp, literally takes your breath away. I was ten or eleven years old and had traveled to California with my grandmother to visit my dad. So here I was curled up in the seat of a Greyhound bus traveling to California where I would be experiencing all kinds of new and exciting fun things, the Rocky Mountains, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disney Land, and the ocean. Of those things, the Rockies were beautiful, Knott’s Berry Farm fun, Disney Land was very cool, the ocean, well, Amazing. 

Everyone who heard the shepherds’ story was amazed.” Lk2:18 GW.

It’s amazing how the Lord can turn a shattered life around, how He can heal a broken heart, how He can set the captive free. Truly amazing. When Jesus shows up everything changes.

Recently I facilitated another CR twelve step group. What an honor and privilege it was to sit in a group of men, many of these guys young men, hoping to get their lives on track with God’s plan and purpose. Sitting in circle with a group of guys digging into their lives, turning over the rocks of the past, looking, searching fearlessly, sifting through the years, the memories that have formed who they are, and examining their part in all the events, relationships, and circumstances that have shaped their lives. Some of which tragic, some sad, many painful! Also there were outstanding demonstrations of God’s faithfulness, goodness and love weaving itself through their stories. How amazed I am every time Jesus shows up bringing with Him insight, understanding, healing and the truth that brings freedom. It’s miraculous really, a priceless holy experience.

Last night at CR we recognized these men for their courage and faith through this process and they shared with us some of the change that has come into their lives due to the experience. It was a powerful evening. Several friends and loved ones were in attendance supporting their guys. The place was a-buzz with energy, 65-70 attended the celebration. I didn’t talk to everyone who came but I did talk to several folks and “Everyone who heard these guys story was amazed.”

It was a beautiful evening, a holy moment if you will. These men have experienced Christ coming into their lives in a new and fresh way.

Amazing Grace to you and yours,

Jim & Pam


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