Please not again!

You are not going to believe this! I mean as I sit here thinking about it I’m shocked myself. Possibly you remember a few months ago I wrote you a letter that talked about the time Pam fractured both of her ankles at the same time. And if you remember, it did not happen while cage fighting or skiing the slopes at Aspen, no, it happened as she walked into Cracker Barrel for Sunday dinner. I mean that just boggles my mind. But now guess what? Five weeks ago we were walking across the parking lot to the theater when Pam stepped on a stone and snap! She broke her foot! This is the sixth time she has broken a leg a foot or an ankle. That is more than her fair share of fractures. I could understand it if she were Mrs. Evil Knievel, motorcycle stuntwoman, but not Nana at Cracker Barrel and the theater, you have got to be kidding. Even the doctor who examined her told me that he was going to have me investigated.

Here’s another surprise. Do you remember all the things I learned the last time she was incapacitated? You know I learned how to turn on the washing machine, the dish washer, the dryer and make the bed etc….Well apparently she does not understand those are perishable skills! I had forgotten how to do some of that stuff and had to re-learn housekeeping all over again. This time however there were extenuating circumstances.

Her birthday is in November so I got the bright idea to surprise her with a birthday-month not just one day. I bought her several gifts throughout the month and would leave them as a surprise when I left the house. She loved it! Here’s where it gets sticky, I should have been more discriminating with my gift selections. I bought her a nice bracelet which was fine, and a gold plated rose also ok. I bought her a cast iron skillet which I must admit was for me as much as her (I love chicken fried steak and gravy cooked in a cast iron skillet!) ummmum! But then I remembered the old movies where those cast iron skillets were also used to knock some sense into the man of the house, oops. So then I bought her a gun. My thinking being, I’d much rather be shot than hit in the head with a cast iron skillet. Plus it’s a nice gun, stainless steel, pink semi-automatic. A birthday-month present needs to be cute. Now comes the real problem. She has a broken foot and very limited mobility so I must be johnny-on-the-spot when she needs something, and she, HAS A GUN! You get the picture? I can’t really say I have lived in terror but those two warning shots in ceiling have definitely improved my response time. I told you that you would not believe it and to be honest only part of it is true, (no warning shots yet). Also she is a real trooper although a bit more discouraged the sixth time around. I mean who would not be? The good news is, she is on the road to recovery, had her cast removed just this week and is now in a boot and much more mobile. Oh, and I took the bullets out of the gun.

 Anyway what does all this have to do with Celebrate Recovery???? Absolutely nothing. I would like to turn this into some kind of profound spiritual lesson for you but I’ll settle for sharing life with our friends. I just wanted to vent. However it could be that sharing life together, the ups and the downs has a therapeutic effect, strengthening, encouraging, and fellowshipping one with another helps to bring healing and recovery. Thanks for sharing with us on this journey.

Love ya, Have wonderful New Year!
Jim & Pam (alias Annie Oakley)

P.S. Please keep this letter just in case I succumb due to a blow from a blunt instrument or by being shotSee More


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