We all need to connect to this right now


Hi everyone, 
When life gets crazy, we all need to be more connected to things that transcend day to day life. We need to be grounded in things that never change, like strong values, freedom, patriotism, love for others, and a spiritual life. Research has shown that spiritual beliefs and a meaningful relationship with a higher power are advantageous to our health and well-being. Faith overcomes fear. This might be a good time to deepen your own spiritual life, or do some honest seeking if you do not have one. The more you are grounded in values, contributions, relationships, and spiritual truths that outlast life itself, you will be lifted to a higher plane and what goes on around you will be more in perspective.
All this week we’ve been talking about trauma and PTSD, how it works in the brain, and what happens to a person when they’re experiencing it. You can still access that conversation right here.
Additionally, if you want to learn more about developing your spiritual life and getting your spiritual needs met, you can hear more from me in this conversation. 
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