Holiday Relapse Prevention

The holidays can be a difficult time for a lot of people. Relapse is an option but isn’t mandatory for your holiday season.

Time to start preparing your HOLIDAY RELAPSE PREVENTION PLAN.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Daily Review: “I have found journaling at the end of each day a key to my “relapse prevention plan.” Thank God, I haven’t had a drink in over 27 years, but I can’t rest on past victories. That is just what the enemy wants me to do. After all these years, I still write down my daily inventory in my journal. I can see the areas where I have fallen short and missed the mark. I can see the daily victories God is giving me.
When I sin (not if I sin), I write it down and do my best to make the necessary corrections. Over time I can see unhealthy patterns develop, and with the support of God and my accountability partners, I can put together an action plan to get me back on track.” (Life’s Healing Choices, Pg. 241) John Baker
2. Pick up the phone: Call your accountability partners and/or sponsor regularly. Notice what your struggle is, name it, honor it, and then invite God and your team into your struggle and pain. Process it together and then devise a plan of action to help move forward healthily.
3. Meditate and/or memorize bible verses. Allow Gods word to penetrate your mind and heart. What are the promises of God that you need to remind yourself of today?
4. Attend your meetings during the week. We can’t work recovery alone. Find a group near you on our website:
Don’t listen to the voice that says, “You don’t need to attend a meeting tonight.” Remember, if we wait until we “feel” like going, it will never happen. We all need to be in community so we don’t isolate ourselves.
5. Gratitude List: Write down at least one thing you are grateful for each day. “I am breathing.” “I had food to eat today.” “I have forever family to see at CR.” “I am not alone ever.” Give God thanks for what you discover.
Add to your plan as you see fit. The important thing is to have a proactive plan to help us through the Holidays.


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