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Hey Partners and Friends,
I was sitting in café Celebrate having dinner before our main meeting sometime ago when a friend sat down and began to talk about CR. He asked an interesting question. He said “Do you think we have too many CR’S in Tulsa?” Currently there are several CR’S in the metro area, one almost every night of the week. What do you think? Is that too many? Personally I think it is awesome! Regardless of someone’s schedule they can go to a CR somewhere in town virtually any night of the week! Hurts habits and hang-ups plague people everyday of the week, so why not have the antidote available everyday.  Active CR’S are continually preparing to make room for more people, people who simply struggle with the common stresses of life, maybe just a mundane life wasting away, or desperate hurting people. It doesn’t matter, we ALL have issues. CR is not only a safe place, but truly a place where people can find the antidote for the things that are poisoning their lives.
The definition of antidote is “a remedy to counteract the effects of poison. Something that relieves, prevents, or counteracts.”

As my wife puts it, “We are not running out of hurting people in our world.” Think about it. There are hundreds of bars, clubs, casinos, massage parlors, and crack houses in our town. People stream in and out of these places every day. And there are literally thousands of people in their own homes captured, tied to their computers, like a noose around their neck getting tighter and tighter, blinded by pornography! It doesn’t really matter what the issue is that is stealing, killing and destroying lives, booze, bars, sex, dope, gambling, porn. What difference does it make, you are just as robbed, just as dead, just as ruined, just as destroyed, just as imprisoned.
What does make a difference is what can give you life and set you free. What does matter is how do I find the antidote for the thing that is killing me. It doesn’t have to be something external, it could be any hurt habit or hang-up. It could be pride that has you bound, self-pity, jealousy, hatred, lust, envy, loneliness, whatever. Jesus said, “I came to give you life and life more abundantly.” Celebrate Recovery is helping people connect with our Higher Power in a way that enables them to truly live the life Jesus came to make possible. I’d say we need more CR’S not fewer, and I don’t think we could hold the crowds, if people really knew healing is available, anyone can be set FREE.
God’s love never stops!
Jim & Pam


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