Time to Recover


Hey Family and Friends,

It’s almost inconceivable to me that we are already in the second month of the New Year! What’s that old line, “time waits for no man?”

God has graciously put another year in front of us. I found an interesting scripture concerning time.

Isaiah 14:3-6 Says “When God has given you time to recover from the abuse and trouble and harsh servitude that you had to endure, you can amuse yourselves by taking up this satire, a taunt against the king of Babylon: Can you believe it? The tyrant is gone!
   The tyranny is over!!!!!

The NT puts it like this; (Rom 6:12-14) “you must not give sin a vote in the way you conduct your lives. Don’t give it the time of day. Don’t even run little errands that are connected with that old way of life. Throw yourselves wholeheartedly and full-time—into God’s way of doing things. Sin can’t tell you how to live. After all, you’re not living under that old tyranny any longer. You’re living in the freedom of God!” 2018 is the time to recover!

Celebrate Recovery is helping people break free from the tyranny of their hurts, habits and hang-ups. It isn’t a quick fix, it is a journey and it takes some time.

I’m sure you have seen kids bowling lanes- you know where they have bumpers so the ball never goes into the gutter. Awesome! Not only do these bumpers keep the ball out of the gutter, they keep it headed toward the target- the goal- the destination. In this lane you are certain to stay out of the gutter AND, you are guaranteed to knock some pins down! Working the program at Celebrate Recovery helps build those bumpers along side our lives, which keep us out of the gutter and moving toward freedom in Jesus Christ.

Currently there are about 50 people, just at Believers Church Celebrate Recovery, involved in Step Studies, and an average of 50 that come on Tuesday night. I want you to know that your support and prayers are making a difference. A significant difference! New people are coming to Celebrate Recovery every week. Many come in desperate situations, they are finding hope.

Pam and I do a multitude of things in Celebrate Recovery. We facilitate 12 step groups, oversee the ministry of CR, act as sponsors and accountability partners, and participate every Tuesday evening in the large meeting. It’s a very busy ministry with a lot of rewards.

We feel very privileged to be apart of so many people’s lives and watch them as they walk the “road to recovery,” and we couldn’t do it without you!

If you want to see the fruit that you’re producing through CR or want to rid yourself of some of the old tyranny of the hurts, habits, and hang ups in your life, come join us on a Tuesday night and I believe you will be blessed.

All because of Jesus our Higher Power!

Jim & Pam


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