Those People


Well it happened again. Tuesday night at Believers Church Celebrate Recovery. Worship was awesome the place was packed and the celebration of God’s grace was on. All our meetings are special but last night was one of those gatherings that had a little extra kick to it.

We were honored to have as our special guests a group of wonderful ladies that had recently completed the twelve step process together. They had fought through the questions, the doubt, the apprehensions associated with the typical perception of being in a twelve step group. You know the prevalent idea that twelve step groups are for drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts and such, for “those people.” Well, there was not one addict among them. These ladies were dealing with issues of self-worth, pride, co-dependency people pleasing, depression, insecurity etc. Human issues that affect us all to whatever degree and these women gallantly marched through their step study to discover more of God and to gain more freedom to live out the life that Jesus bought for them. I think we should all be “those people.”

One of the ladies who facilitated this group said it well when last night after the celebration she posted on Facebook;

“Tonight I stood by a group or the bravest women I know as they graduated from a yearlong 12-step group in Celebrate Recovery. Their lives are forever changed and the world will be changed because of them. These are all “normal” women, model women who decided they were tired of letting wrong thinking or fear or pride or a host of other things keep them from being all they know God wants them to be. They said YES and began a journey of recovery and wholeness that will affect the rest of their lives and all their relationships. SO proud to have walked by their side and call them “Step” sisters. I love you, girls. You know who you are!!!”

It was a very powerful, God present meeting. The fact is we are all one of “those people.”  Just people walking out the human condition together, with a desperate need for the grace of God and intimate relationship with Him.

Thank you for being one of “those people” who encourage this ministry by your continued prayer and support.

Celebrating Recovery,

Jim & Pam


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