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I watched the Oscars this year, don’t normally do that, don’t usually care. But for whatever reason I was interested this year. I did have the opportunity to see several of the nominees for best picture so I was curious as to which would win and in which categories. The range and variety of films nominated where extremely diverse. To my surprise I enjoyed all the films that I was able to see. My overall favorite I think was Les Miserables, obviously the message was the most powerful and it was magnificently done. An epic film to be sure, a classic.
The reason for mentioning this is that there is another movie coming out this spring, opening weekend is April 19th to be exact, Home Run.
Home Run is the movie I mentioned to you about a year ago, explaining many of the people associated with this film are part of our church and that the idea for incorporating the ministry of Celebrate Recovery was birthed in part due to the testimonies we have shared from our very own Celebrate Recovery at Believers Church. So in a very real way your prayers and support for this ministry are going to the “Big screen “as they say.
Now what we want to do is fill the theaters to capacity on opening weekend so the film will be expanded into additional markets across the country with the potential to reach thousands of people with a message of hope, forgiveness and redemption.
One reviewer says, “The movie tells the story of baseball all-star Cory Brand, who must face life spiraling out of control both on and off the field due to his addiction to alcohol. When his team suspension and a DUI sends him back to his hometown, Cory finds himself coaching his brother’s youth baseball team – and spending eight weeks in the only recovery program in town, Celebrate Recovery. Ultimately, as Cory comes to terms with his hurts, habits and hang ups (the family he left behind, a painful past with an abusive father and an addiction to alcohol) he begins to find freedom and hope – through the redemption provided by faith in Jesus.

Celebrate Recovery – was portrayed in an accurate and honest way. It was not overwhelming or gratuitous. The testimonies given (by both men and women) during the worship setting were powerful. The scenes during the open share group gave the story another layer of authenticity.

This is not a “preachy” movie. It’s a movie that accurately portrays faith in a honest, engaging way. It is instead, a story that is strong, well written and has a powerful message.

On the scale of one to five, it’s definitely a four. The movie will leave you thinking. It will hopefully introduce people not only to Celebrate Recovery, but to the redeeming power of Jesus’ love.”

“Home Run reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the richness of redemption, and the wisdom of trusting God to revive us.” – Max Lucado.
Home Run probably won’t win an Oscar but it has the potential to win in the lives of thousands of movie goers, hope in Jesus Christ.
Thanks for helping us,,,Let’s go to the movies!
Jim & Pam


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